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Microsoft Unveils a New Look

In advance of one of the most significant waves of product launches in Microsoft’s history, today we are unveiling a new logo for the company. It’s been 25 years since we’ve updated the Microsoft logo and now is the perfect time for a change. This is an incredibly exciting year for Microsoft as we prepare to release new v ... more


Creative Advertising Of Paint

Now this is one great way to turn a few heads! Definitely a clever idea.

Mahmoud Elganzory



As per the Kurkure plastic rumor, when you burn Kurkure it melts. Definitely, when you burn Kurkure, Kurkure melts. The reason why Kurkure melts is because Kurkure contains carbohydrate in the form of corn starch. When any carbohydrate snack (like gol gappas, matharees and namkeens) is burnt, it burns the same way like Kurkure burns. But that does ... more

Divya Shah Kurkure plastic talks are just baseless. It must be the creation of some miscreant trying to spoil the reputation of the brand or you never know could also be the work of one of the competitors of Kurkure.
Eric Troy Just saw this rumor/hoax and responded to it the same way. Food as plastic seems to be a favorite type of scare mongering hoax and it is always based on the superficial observation of something behaving like a plastic (i.e. melting) or having plasticity in general.


True Story

Sharing is good till something is in plenty :)


Heineken ...not  just a drink

Heineken Beer - not  just drink but also stay cool


World's Most Hygienic Golas :)

google funny photograph from gujarat india gogola


Porsche Design P9981 Smartphone from BlackBerry Features

TIMELESS STYLE MEETS best-in-class TECHNOLOGY The performance you demand. The power you need. Styled by Porsche Design, forged in stainless steel, finished in leather and powered by BlackBerry®. The Porsche Design P'9981 Smartphone from BlackBerry® is engineered luxury at its finest. POWER YOU NEED Superior BlackBerry per ... more


Party In the Backyard!

If you're cop, just move along, there's nothing to see at this party!


The Past is Just The Future

Words : The Past is Just The Future 8x10 Art Print by LuciusArt on Etsy


You're Not Stuck In Traffic

Anyone who always complains about traffic should take a look at this billboard. You're just part of the problem!


Ridiculous Sign!

I'm pretty sure most people out there wouldn't have a problem obeying this sign. Unless you're really brave!


Good Side of Alcohol

I'm sure there's a few guys out there who can totally relate to this picture. For the nights you'd probably want to forget, or just don't remember!


Closed Toilet Banner Funny

Since it's closed tomorrow you gotta get all your business done today! Is this sign for real or what?


Google Glasses With Virtual And Augmented Reality

As per many reports, Google is expected to start selling Google Eyeglasses that will project information, entertainment and, this being a Google product, advertisements onto the lenses. These glasses will have the combined features of virtual reality and augmented reality. The Google Glasses can use a 4G cell connection to pull in information fr ... more

Comment Worth $8.5 Million

Do you know that Facebook fork over a whooping $8.5 million to purchase from the American Farm Bureau Federation sometime last year from, more than 42 times the amount the company originally paid for domain way back when they are known as The company paid $200,000 in August 2005 to acquire the domain, 42.5 time ... more


Coke bottles Since1899 till 1986

They need to bring back the 1899 Coke bottles.


Fanta, brilliant use of 3D projection

Fanta mesmerisms Dubai mall audience..brilliant use of 3D projection


Not What You Seem To Be

INTERNET Date | Ads of the World™


Don’t Talk While He Drives

Bangalore traffic police: Talk them dead, House-wife | Ads of the World™