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Posted on Thursday 23rd August 2012 under Inspirational, Art and design
There are two sides of me,
with a constant struggle of me and thee,
there is only one side i try to show,
the one you dont i will always shun.
one is a virtuous child,
the other is bitter, cold and mild.
One wants everything power, fame n prosperity,
the other says its alright to be ordinary.
One sticks with the brain,
the other follows the heart and will never refrain.
while one is complacent,fulfilled and satisfied,
the other is ravenous, in search of elixirs,hoping to b gratified.
one always knows what it wants
the other is forever in the state of a quandary,
like a mad child,
and the former parents it.
helps in bringing the mind at peace,
amidst thoughts that never cease...